Crystal Springs

From R588 per night4stars

Perched at the summit of Robber’s Pass, just a three hour drive from Johannesburg, Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge’s location within a premier game reserve makes for a perfect getaway. The lush natural scenery makes for a unparalleled hiking experience on our five high quality trails.

With gorgeous, peaceful gardens and a variety of spectacular forests, Crystal Springs provides a variety of breathtaking views, a true visual feast. In addition, our waterfalls, gorges, and pools filled with the most crystal clear waters you can imagine make for an exquisite sight.

Crystal Springs’ game rangers are top notch, take advantage of their expertise as you take a ride around in one of our many open vehicles. You will be able to make your game drive reservation upon arrival at Crystal Springs. What better way to take in the cool mountain breezes than to observe all of our bird life in its natural habitat?

You will also have access to several top notch amenities, including a state of the art sauna, top of the line gym, Jacuzzi, steam bathing area, and a heated pool, which is conveniently located indoors. There is also a quartet of outdoor pools and one of them is also heated for optimal temperature control. Do remember to bring your own towels for swimming, as they are not provided by the staff. A beauty specialist is on staff to offer various treatments.

For those who are over the age of 16, our clubhouse is also available for use. Your children will be well occupied; Crystal Springs has a fully stocked game room, equipped with Ping Pong and pool tables, in addition to a squash court.

Crystal Springs’ accommodations are grouped into self-sufficient lodges and clubhouse suites. The thatch lodges provide sleeping arrangements for 2-6 people and the master bedrooms are equipped with bathrooms.

Suites are set up for 2 sleepers and tend to be favored by couples. They are located within a close proximity to the clubhouse. Suites come equipped with fireplaces, kitchenettes and a patio seating area. There is a also a communal area for barbecue.

Cleaning services are conducted on a daily basis. Patrons are able to prepare their own meals on site, as ovens, microwaves and refrigerators are provided.

However, should you become tired of cooking for yourself, Pointers Rest Restaurant and Afternoons coffee shop are open daily. Pointers Rest prepares breakfast and dinner, and requires reservations for weekend dinner outings. Afternoons is open from 9:30 to 6:00 PM each day with a mouthwatering selection of lighter meals, including newly baked cakes and a wide ranging coffee assortment.

Each lodge and suite comes with Wi-Fi Internet connections and satellite television. Camping equipment is available at the front desk and be sure to ask about our friendly pub.

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