Entabeni Wildlife Reserve

From R1240.00 per night

When you are planning a trip to South Africa, you want to spend time taking in the amazing wildlife. The Entabeni Private Game Reserve is an amazing option as it has several different lodges and a ton of amenities to take advantage of.

The Reserve features five different types of ecosystems, so you will be able to take in the wide diversity of animal life. The reserve also features scenic helicopter flights, an observatory for stargazing, lake cruises that let you take in the sunset, and a large variety of options to go view wild game. There are many different lodges to stay in while on the reserve.

The Eagle’s Nest is one of the best lodges available on the reserve. This lodge is nestled on top of the hill and overlooks much of the reserve. The lodge features a wide variety of opportunities including museums, picnic lunches, and Horse-riding. This lodge is rather exclusive as there are only four bedrooms. Each room is built to ensure the highest quality experience and has a private lounge, so you can form connections with your loved ones.

The Hanglip Lodge is another great option. This five-star lodge has the look and feeling of the Africa of the past. The suites are furnished in an African Baroque style and they have sun decks for taking in all of the amazing views. The Hanglip lodge is a great option for those that want to remember Africa’s fantastic past.

The Kingfisher Lodge is a great option as well. It is on the banks of Lake Entabeni, so you’ll be able to take in the great sights along this lake. While it is in a water setting that may have mosquitoes, the setting has been certified as being completely malaria free. Each room features a bathroom, a fireplace, a deck, and extra-long beds. The lodge also has a honeymoon suite that features a Jacuzzi bath.

The Lakeside lodge is also a great option. The lodge features great views of the amazing hippos on the Lake. The bedrooms are great in this lodge and you will love the view.

Ravineside lodge is a great place to stay as well. The lodge features bush picnics and dinners that allow you to take in the amazing views. Each room is built around an African theme so you can take in the charm of Africa while you are there.

The Wildside camp is one of the best options on the reserve. The camp features majestic cliffs and is close to the wild bush. There will be plenty of scenery to take in from this camp so you are sure to have a magical stay.

No matter where you stay on the reserve you are sure to have a great time. Pick the place that best suits your desires and enjoy your trip.

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