Imbali Safari Lodge

From R4100 per night

Within the famous Kruger National Park of South Africa you will find the exclusive Imbali Safari Lodge. It is set within its own 10,000 hectare area, and promises its guests a special safari experience.

But it is much more than that. It evokes former luxurious times with its first class service and attention to detail to ensure its guests have a wonderful stay. Each suite has a king size bed or twin rooms with the finest furniture and imported linen. Each bathroom has an antique bath, a plunge pool or Jacuzzi. Land lines are available but cell phones cannot be used as the area is too remote.

There is also air conditioning to ensure the comfort of guests. Each suite has a veranda, this together with expanses of glass and decking enable excellent views of the riverbed and the plains beyond. There is also a swimming pool overlooking the watering hole.

The cuisine is of the highest standard with silver service and the Lodge chefs prepare fresh food from an extensive menu to suit all tastes.

There are various activities open to guests. The Rangers will take you on a Safari/Game drive in open 4×4 vehicles where you can view the wildlife in its natural habitat. It’s possible to go on a guided walk ( only for over 16 year olds) subject to availability.

For the bird watchers the guides will be happy to share their knowledge on everything from the delicate Blue Waxbill to the fierce Marshall Eagle.

If you wish you can tour the park in your own or a rented vehicle, where there are plenty of picnic spots to enjoy a cold drink or an ice cream. One unforgettable experience is to have a bush dinner under the African sky. This is exclusive to guests of the Imbali Safari Lodge.

The Kruger National Park has a diverse number of animals including lions, leopards, buffalo and rhinos. The “Tamalati Pride” of lions are frequent visitors to the watering hole near the Lodge, and are often in the surrounding area. Leopards are by nature shy creatures and do their hunting at night. However, there is fortunately a high density of leopards in the area of the lodge, and sightings are common. It certainly adds a frisson of excitement to spot a leopard during a safari conducted at night!

Thus guests are being invited to enjoy the unique experience of the combination of a luxury hotel to rival any in the world, and the safari experience to view these amazing animals in their natural environment. You can reach the Lodge by air from Johannesburg to Manyeleti, which is approximately one hour thirty minutes from the Imbali Safari Lodge. Guests can travel by road. Car hire is available at Johannesburg airport.

The Imbali Safari Lodge offers the unique experience of first class service and the luxury of a bygone age, together with the opportunity to enjoy viewing the wonderful wild animals of Africa.

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