Hamilton’s Tented Camp

From R4400 per night

Hamilton Camp is named after the famous Colonel Stephenson Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton was very much instrumental in helping to establish Kruger National Park. The tented camp fully reflects the sense of adventure that being on safari in the 1900’s evoked. Grace and style are very much focal points in this camp. This camp features some of the best accommodations in South Africa.

This camp features six canvas tents that are complete with floorboards made of teak. Each tent includes a mosquito so as to ensure that you do not end up getting bit by a mosquito in your sleep. Each tent also includes a bath and an outdoor shower. From your tent you will have an amazing view of the river and the main area.

There are many reasons to choose the Hamilton camp. One of the biggest reasons to choose this camp is the fact that the camp was built with luxury in mind. You will be having an extremely luxurious experience for the duration of your stay at the Hamilton camp.

Another great reason to spend time at the Hamilton Camp is the high level of service that you will receive during your time in the camp. The staff at the camp is fully committed to giving you the best possible during your stay. Any request they give you will be met if at all possible. This camp is a great place to be and be taken care of.

The camp also features an extremely private and intimate setting. The camp has an extremely limited amount of visitors at any one time so you will have plenty of alone time while you are at the camp. The camp is great for people that want to get away from everyone. Your tent will also be pretty separate and thus you will be able to get comfortable and have plenty of alone time. If you are looking for a place that has a private and intimate setting, then Camp Hamilton is a great place to visit.

If you are looking for a good view of the Nwatswitsonto River, then Camp Hamilton is an amazing option. This river is quite spectacular and the camp has some of the best possible views of the river. This river is a great site and you need to go to Camp Hamilton so as to ensure that you get a great view.

The Camp also has some of the best game view opportunities available. If you want to see some of the great game that Africa has to offer, then you need to visit this camp. Camp Hamilton is an amazing opportunity to view great wildlife, while still experiencing some of the best possible luxury.

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