Kapama River Lodge

From R3700 per night

The winner of Traveller’s Choice 2014, located in Kruger Park, Kruger National Park, South Africa is the spectacular Kapama River Lodge. Accommodated with 64 bedrooms, each room includes a spacious en-suite bathroom, and a beautiful terrace with an astonishing view of the grassy plains.

The terrace being particularly ideal with its versatility to captivate couples at night for a romantic evening or for general nature-lovers wanting an escape from the city to enjoy the essence and beauty of nature during the day. Or for those more adventurous, to get a closer look of Africa’s incredible wild life.

For couples yearning to make evenings even more spectacular however, there is a wine cellar that thanks to the benefit of beautiful big windows, couples can view for themselves the over 600 bottles that reside inside, most of which are locally grown.   Furthermore, on days when guests prefer to take it easy and just kick back and relax, there is an recreation area suited to fit all preferences. This area consists of a swimming pool (sun umbrellas included) chairs to put one’s feet up either to enjoy a good book or a nice nap, a bar for cool beverages and even a two-sided fireplace.

Or for those seeking, a more soothing private area, there is the option of Spa and Royal suites too. These suites are designed to create a home away from home feel as well as providing those who are accommodated in them with gadgets to make tea or coffee, hairdryer, the use of a small safe, and international power outlet to allow for the use of many international gadgets.

Although, perfect for guests to take in some much needed “me time”, nearby there is an equally fantastic family room consisting of balconies of three as well as a room with two beds for those parents with smaller kids.   When one is feeling famished however , there are delicious meals available in the style of a buffet, authentically prepared with only the freshest ingredients. These ingredients are a combination of fruits, vegetables, herbs grown within Kapama River Lodge. Naturally, there are authentic African delicious dishes such as, mielie pap (African prepared polenta) and chakalaka (a very spicy relish) but, for those wanting to eat a meal that they are more familiar with, there is the option to choose a meal of that sort as well.

Whether you’re looking for an exceptional vacation spot for you and family or friends or a great honeymoon destination, look no further than Kapama River Lodge. Kapama River Lodge will provide you with the tools you need for a great trip as well as with an experience you won’t forget and adventure you’ll be happy you had.

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